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Don't clean, sort, or throw anything away! We will do it all for you. After determining all profitable items we will price and prepare them for sale day. Every effort is taken to ensure that everything is clean, well organized, and staged for a successful sale. 

Due to the current pandemic Casablanca Estate Sale Co. will be enforcing the below COVID-19 protocols:

  • All team members and customers will be required to wear a mask at all of our sales

  • Temperature checks are conducted on all staff members each day before opening.

  • All of our staff have general COVID-19 awareness training and will take very measure possible to ensure a safe sale

  • All customers will be required to follow social distancing of 6 feet apart, both while waiting to enter the home and while inside

  • A limited amount of people will be allowed to enter the home at a time

  • Hand sanitizer will be available at all of our sales

  • Wherever possible, cleaning according to CDC guidelines is conducted

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